Executive Chef ditches traditional cutting boards. If you are looking for a custom cutting board, butcher block or wood artistry, you need to contact Kevin Levine of Scatori's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Customer Testimonials

Beautiful Cutting Board!

I am very happy with my new professionally made engraved cutting board. It is 18″ X 24″ and is made from chocolate walnut. The engraving is meticulously done. Board looks so good it is now a centerpiece on our kitchen island. Thank you Chef! I look forward to using this exceptionally made board for at least the next 20 years or more.


I have known Mr. Levine for about 7 years now. He has always been the most amazing chef with his creative style and impeccable creativity. One day while I was at his restaurant, he came to sit with my husband and I as always and was super excited about his cutting board business that was not yet in progress, but they were working on the concept and idea. Of course being a business owner myself, I was more than ecstatic for this news! If his talent with creating custom-made cutting boards was anywhere close to what his chef expertise is, I knew this was going to be a very adventurous and successful Enterprise. I watched the making of this business through Facebook and I decided that I could not resist getting a cutting board made by one of my favorite people. Being a two-time breast cancer survivor, I had requested adding breast cancer ribbons on my board, I had no idea that it would turn out so unbelievably gorgeous! I picked my board up this morning, and as I was driving home, I had tears in my eyes! The handmade craftsmanship that went into this board is nothing less than remarkable. I have a family of 8 so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this board already means so much to me that I am hesitant to use it for anything other than display so I am going to order a second one for my daily use in feeding my family. These items are very useful for not only your house, but for your friends and families homes as well. I’m going to spend many years promoting Hot Bloxx because not only is it a very genuine quality product, but the people behind it are equally incredible. THANK YOU Kevin for yet another job well done!!! I sincerely appreciate your hard work! I look forward to ordering many more products from you here very soon! Always your #1 fan, Jenna & Scott – Jenna W.

Made by us, For us.

My friend, and colleague Chef Kevin Levine is bringing a fresh, handmade product to the ones of us that live to stack paper. quality is there, craftsmanship is unequaled. Executive Chef that after 12 to 14 hour shifts goes to his shop and creates what we envision. All sustainable woods in whatever you can imagine all DHEC approved. Do yourself a favor and check him out. I’ll stand by Hotbloxx to the end. You will not be disappointed. – Nick B.

A first class cutting board in my hands.

I have been interested in cooking for more decades that I want to remember. I have taken lessons from some of the great Chefs in Virginia. The one thing that always bothered me was my cutting boards.  I have had numerous ones over the years, the plastic, the thin bamboo, nothing seem correct for me. I worried about the bacteria that could be seeping into the plastic. The thin bamboo was not working, deep, deep cuts, and never sure it was clean. I was frustrated and concerned. Recently I  received as a gift from my husband, a Hot Bloxx Cutting Board. It is beautiful and I will be honest, at first I was afraid to use it. A first class cutting board in my hands… I do use it every day for cutting up vegetables, slicing chicken and fish, plus meats, and I even have served cheese and fresh vegetables for an appetizer on the board, I have no worries. I wash the board in hot soapy water, rinse it well, dry and it is ready for the next day. I do oil it twice a month as the Hot Bloxx recommends, and you would think I have never use the board. It was worth the money, and the wait. If you are looking for a top of the grade cutting board I suggest you check out Hot Bloxx, you will never regret the purchase.   – Lois S.

Order one or more now… You will be happy you did!

I would highly recommend purchasing a cutting board from Hot Bloxx. Good quality at a reasonable price. A good cutting board is a necessity in any kitchen. Not only are Hot Bloxx Cutting boards great quality, they will last you for many years. I am very happy with my purchase, and will most likely be ordering more. Order one or more now… You will be happy you did!   – Linda L.

I love my Hot Bloxx!

I cannot tell you how much I love my Hot Bloxx Cutting Board! I had another wood cutting board that is NOTHING in comparison to this one. It’s very thick and sturdy to use. It doesn’t slide around my counter like my other cutting boards and it supports the weight of any food I might be chopping or preparing. Not to mention, it looks beautiful on my counter. I leave it out for display because it’s so pretty to look at. I’ve already received so many compliments on it and I can’t wait to order more for gifts! I first met Chef Kevin by a quick Yelp search and found the best kept secret in Myrtle Beach at his restaurant, Scatori’s. I had no idea he was so talented! He makes the most wonderful food in the world and now the best cutting boards too! I can’t wait to see what comes out if his kitchen next! Thank you SO much for always taking such good care of your customers!   – Jordan W.


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