I have known Mr. Levine for about 7 years now. He has always been the most amazing chef with his creative style and impeccable creativity. One day while I was at his restaurant, he came to sit with my husband and I as always and was super excited about his cutting board business that was not yet in progress, but they were working on the concept and idea. Of course being a business owner myself, I was more than ecstatic for this news! If his talent with creating custom-made cutting boards was anywhere close to what his chef expertise is, I knew this was going to be a very adventurous and successful Enterprise. I watched the making of this business through Facebook and I decided that I could not resist getting a cutting board made by one of my favorite people. Being a two-time breast cancer survivor, I had requested adding breast cancer ribbons on my board, I had no idea that it would turn out so unbelievably gorgeous! I picked my board up this morning, and as I was driving home, I had tears in my eyes! The handmade craftsmanship that went into this board is nothing less than remarkable. I have a family of 8 so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this board already means so much to me that I am hesitant to use it for anything other than display so I am going to order a second one for my daily use in feeding my family. These items are very useful for not only your house, but for your friends and families homes as well. I'm going to spend many years promoting Hot Bloxx because not only is it a very genuine quality product, but the people behind it are equally incredible. THANK YOU Kevin for yet another job well done!!! I sincerely appreciate your hard work! I look forward to ordering many more products from you here very soon! Always your #1 fan, Jenna & Scott - Jenna W.